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“JONES’ HEART WAS RACING. DOCTORS SAID IT WAS POUNDING AT LEAST 200 BEATS A MINUTE…” This is a story about a remarkable young survivor who’s heart truly beats for others…Now he needs you!

Excerpt from Elizabeth Merrill |

“But Jones’ heart was racing. Doctors said it was pounding at least 200 beats a minute — more than three times the heart rate of an average well-conditioned athlete. Jones was taken to a Lincoln hospital, and stayed overnight. He eventually was diagnosed with an atrial flutter, a short-circuiting that causes the heart to beat faster. On Dec.18, Jones underwent a procedure that determined he actually had four short circuits. He also had an enlarged heart. Jones’ dad, John Sr., died of an enlarged heart in 2006. Josh took a few days to let the diagnosis soak in. And then the free-spirited guard who thrived off of taking risks decided basketball wasn’t worth his life. ‘Josh is a fearless guy,’ said Dr. Douglas Ramos, Creighton’s team physician. ‘I mean, with the game on the line, in pressure situations, Josh is not afraid of any shot, and he takes that same fearlessness into life. Josh isn’t afraid of life without basketball. Does he like it? I’m sure he hates it. But Josh is one tough cookie. As good as a basketball player as Josh was and as much as an inspiration he was to our team on the basketball court, there is so much more Josh can do in our community.’ "

Elizabeth’s Full Story Here:


Josh Jones is a person who epitomizes the spirit of resiliency, strong character in the face of overwhelming obstacles, and generous service to others in the community. Growing up in the tough neighborhoods of North Omaha throughout his childhood and adolescence, having a passion for success in basketball helped shield him from the negative and dangerous influences swirling around him. After losing his father in high school, he immediately became the father, son and brother to his family. Determined to make stability for his family through sports, his hoop dreams were cut short due to two different heart conditions.

With an optimistic attitude and very infectious personality and smile, this young man is a walking testimony that sports does not build character, but reveals it. Now his strength of character is being tested even more as he faces his 4th heart operation since high school. This next operation is his 2nd serious open heart surgery to fix a valve.


Even under the most difficult of times for Josh, he has been a support to his family, teammates, friends, and community. He shares his remarkable story with other youth needing to know, even under the most difficult of life circumstances, there is hope. As he faces hundreds of admiring youth in schools and youth clubs, he teaches them that making the right decisions, having great coaches and mentors, and having faith in God can help each of us overcome the valleys and adversities in life. He has plans to continue to talk to thousands of youth in the years to come in the hopes of making a better life for them and a better world for all of us.


Josh has been faithful and caring to so many of us and now needs all of us to be on his team as he plays to win one of the most difficult challenges of his life. He seriously needs the financial support to overcome the medical and personal bills this operation will create. A little help from a lot of caring fans will go a long way to help Josh and his family.

With this 4th operation (second open heart), Josh is even more resolute in doing inspirational speaking to at-risk youth and people of all ages everywhere as he has been doing up to now. You might say, Josh speaks from a part of his heart that doesn’t need fixing.

Please help Josh today so he doesn’t miss a beat sharing his game-changing message of hope with others.


Coach McDermott for his support and mentoring,
Scott Moroney for his masterful editing capabilities.
Excel Sports Management for their helping to get the word out.
Hope Center for Kids for their role as fiscal agent and spiritual support.
Josh Jones for his inspiration to all of us.

Risks and Challenges

HOPE CENTER FOR KIDS is the fiscal agent for this special project. They personally know Josh, understand the need, and have offered to help as the receiving 501 c3 for donations through FundOurCommuity’s platform. Check with your tax preparer regarding your donation’s tax deductible status which may differ from state to state. For more information about Hope Center for Kids visit their website:

Anyone that’s ever been hospitalized knows that insurance only covers a portion of the full expenses, not to mention lost wages etc. Josh is no different. Any amount donated will go a long way to help Josh get back up on his feet physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially so he can continue to do his extremely important work in his community.

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